Despite their tiny size, ants are actually insanely strong able to carry anywhere between 10 and 50 times their own body weight. To put this into perspective this equivalent of the average man carrying 4.5 tonnes above their head, the equivalent of a hippopotamus.


Unbelievably, bats could give many professional eaters a run for their money. They can eat up to 1200 mosquitos an hour and every night can consume their body weight in food.


In a world where a lot of us are trying to put our mass on whether that’s by eating more or working out at the gym, we should look no further for tips than caterpillars. They can increase their body mass by more than 1000 times.


Dwarf crocodile

This variation of crocodile gets its name due to its relatively small size. Despite this, they may be more feared if encountered as unlike common perception of finding them in water, this species you may also find in trees as they possess the ability to climb them.


Elephants are commonly known to be extremely smart creatures similar in many ways to humans. This is particularly highlighted by them experiencing grief when they lose a family member with some mothers being known to go through a depressive state when their baby dies. Maybe we are more similar than we think!


The common housefly is something we can all agree at some point has got on our nerves yet they possess attributes which are as impressive as any other creature. In particular, their eyes don’t move at all which is all down to them have a field of view which is almost 360 degrees.


If you ever feel tired when you don’t get your daily 8-hours sleep then you should take a leaf out of the Giraffes book. It is thought that in the wild in a 24 hour period they will only get 30 minutes of sleep due to their susceptibility to being preyed on. Maybe they could share some tips!



Contrary to common belief hyenas are not just scavengers and in fact are very powerful hunters being known to, at times, warn lions off potential food. Spotted hyenas kill up to 95% of what they eat and only scavenge a small portion.


The common iguana is a lizard which possesses an unusual power. They interestingly enough can detach their tail if caught and then grow another one! Good luck catching one of these!


There is a reason why jellyfish are sea dwellers, this is due to their body composition and so due to their high water composition if left out in direct sunlight they will just evaporate!



Despite their name implying they’re bears, they are actually marsupials and fussy ones at that! Despite only eating eucalyptus out of 700 types they only eat 50 of them and further to this only choose the most nutritious ones. Who’d have thought it would just be humans who are fussy with what they eat!


Lions are known to be some of the most feared predators in the world and for good reason. They’ve earned their stripes. A contributing factor to this is that an adult male’s raw being able to be heard up to 8km away.


Have you ever been that hungry that you feel like you could eat ‘literally’ anything? Well, mice take this to the extreme. If extremely hungry mice will actually eat their own tails!


This lesser-known marsupial belongs to the same family as kangaroos and koalas yet differ in a specific unique way. They don’t actually have a pouch instead their young clamp themselves onto the mother’s teat and reside there for up to five months.


This bird is the largest in the world and also doesn’t possess the typical trait of flying despite this they hold a characteristic. When eating a big meal and being unable to finish it do you sometimes wish you had extra room? If you were an ostrich you’d have no problem as they in fact have three stomachs!



Platypus’ hold a distinct special power in their bill. It allows them to have a sixth sense to detect electric fields given off by all living things it gives them the unique ability to be able to hunt without the sense of sight, sound and smell!


Distinctive due to their stocky frame and long wings, these birds are weirdly not often seen instead in the main heard by an unusual sound similar to that of “wetting lips”.

Red Panda

Over time these animals have developed a distinct extra limb as a product of evolution. This is in the form of an extended wrist bone which is. utilised for climbing trees and feeding their bamboo ‘addiction as it helps them to eat!


Similar to traditional human relationships, seahorses are monogamous. Yet despite this similarity, they are a rarity in the fact that the males carry the eggs rather than the females. When hatched the males release the eggs into the water from their pouch with as many as 1500 young seahorses potentially being released at once.

Yellow-eyed Penguin

These majestic and ancient creatures may be the most viewed penguin of them all due to their appearance on the reverse side of the New Zealand five-dollar bill. They are celebrities of the animal kingdom!


These animals hold a very unique property in that no two patterns of zebra stripes are the same, making them as individual as a human fingerprint or a snowflake! Underneath this striped coat, however, their skin is actually black!


A native of New Zealand, this lizard looking creature actually has a much more prestigious lineage as it actually traced directly back to dinosaurs! It is hard to imagine a dinosaur in today’s world but the Tuatara is actually just that.


This South American monkey is instantly recognisable due to their distinct bright red faces and bald heads yet despite this, the colouring of their face actually hold a purpose. They are this way to attract mates as pale faces in the monkey world are synonymous with sick animals.


A group of vultures have different names depending on what activity they’re doing at the time. A group is called a committee, venue or volt, when in flight they are a kettle and when feeding on a carcass together, this group is aptly called wake.


Extremely sociable creatures, Walrus’ have also evolved to have a very cool adaption. They have developed an air sac under their throat, which whilst they are sleeping, helps them to float!

Xerus (Striped Ground Squirrel)

These creatures are often viewed as pests in their native countries however seem to enjoy happy lives! They are creatures who love company such is why they live in groups dubbed “bands”.