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Last Updated: 22/02/2024


Welcome to White Scribbles, your sanctuary for holistic well-being where mental clarity converges with physical vitality. This comprehensive Privacy Policy outlines our commitment to safeguarding your privacy as you explore our diverse content and engage with our extensive array of services. By interacting with White Scribbles, you agree to the terms presented herein.

1. Who We Are:

White Scribbles is more than a platform; it's a lifestyle destination dedicated to nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This Privacy Policy encapsulates our dedication to preserving your privacy and ensuring a secure and enriching user experience.

2. Our Content:

Our platform thrives on diversity, providing articles covering an extensive range of topics:

  • Home
  • News Room
  • Q&A & Stories
  • Exploration Hub
  • Discovery Zone
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health & Fitness
  • Lifestyle & Self-Care
  • How To Guides
  • Travel & Mental Wellness
  • Green Therapy
  • Science Corner
  • Reviews & Recommendations
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Money Matters
  • Giveaways & Contests
  • Rewards & Incentives
  • Special Offers
  • Freebies Corner
  • Community Connect

In addition to content, we provide services aimed at addressing various aspects of your life.

3. Our Promise:

Our commitment revolves around transparency, user control, and adherence to industry standards in our data handling practices. We prioritise your trust, ensuring that your interactions with White Scribbles are not only enriching but also secure.

4. Security Of Your Personal Data:

We employ robust security measures to protect your information at every stage of its lifecycle. Recognising the inherent risks in online data transmission, we take every precaution to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

5. Information We Collect:

Data collection occurs through user interactions and collaborations with third parties, always with a commitment to avoiding sensitive data categories.

6. How We Use Your Information:

Your data serves various purposes, from enhancing user experience to personalisation based on your preferences. We adhere to industry best practices for secure storage, communication, and responsible use of your information.

7. Legal Bases For Processing Your Data:

Data processing is grounded in legal principles, respecting your rights and seeking explicit consent when required.

8. How We Share Your Information:

We may share your data with trusted third-party partners, advertisers, and affiliates, always adhering to industry standards and our business practices. Your data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

9. Details Of Transfers:

Any data transfers outside the EEA are conducted with adequate safeguards, ensuring compliance with stringent data protection standards.

10. Why We May Contact You:

Our communication includes subscription updates, resolution of queries, and notifications about our services. Your consent, where required, is our priority.

11. Your Rights Under The GDPR:

As outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have various rights, including access, deletion, and objection. Requests are processed promptly, typically within one month, with a commitment to transparency.

12. Using Children’s Personal Data:

We do not target children under 16, requiring parental consent for users under this age.

13. How Long We Keep Your Personal Data:

Data retention varies based on the purpose of usage, ensuring deletion or anonymisation when data is no longer necessary.

14. Cookies Policy:

We utilise cookies for automated data collection, detailed in our dedicated Cookies Policy. Our key advertising partners and their practices are disclosed for transparency.

15. Services We Provide:

In addition to content, we offer an array of services tailored to meet your individual needs:

  • Tribunals: Navigate workplace challenges with moral support and guidance.
  • Life Coaching: Embark on a transformative journey with personalised guidance.
  • Back-to-Work: Empower your return to the workforce with personalised support.
  • Tailored Tutoring: Nurturing young minds through tailored tutoring sessions.
  • Personal Training: Embrace the Maverick spirit with personalised workouts.
  • Mental Health: Support for individuals facing tough times.
  • Student Wellness: Embrace a healthier student lifestyle.
  • Business Planning: Ignite your business potential with expert guidance.
  • Skills Development: Workshops on practical skills for personal and professional development.
  • Peer Support Services: Discover the strength in shared experiences through our peer-led community.
  • Wellbeing Advisors: Empower personal growth with dedicated Wellbeing Advisors, tailoring support for positive change and sustained health.

17. How To Contact Us:

For queries, concerns, or GDPR-related requests, contact us at [email protected] with the subject line "Data Protection Officer." Emails will be addressed within 30 days.

18. Glossary:

Definitions for terms like Personal Data and Data Controller are provided for clarity.


This Privacy Policy reflects our ongoing commitment to transparency, user understanding, and compliance. Your use of White Scribbles implies consent to the outlined practices. We encourage regular review of the policy for updates and changes as we strive to provide you with a secure and enriching experience.


Addition to the above Policy

Welcome to White Scribbles LTD's main Privacy Policy for online publications and services. This policy applies to all our sites and brands. Please read this carefully, as your use implies consent to the outlined data practices.


This Policy outlines White Scribbles Ltd.'s commitment as the data controller to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring secure processing of information from various channels.

Third-Party Content and Links:

Our sites may link to third-party content with its privacy policies. We are not responsible for their practices.

Usage of Your Information:

By using our services, you permit us to use your information as described in this Policy. 'We' and 'our' refer to White Scribbles Ltd, operating from Building Sixty Two, York Road, Birmingham, B28 8BB.

Your privacy is vital. Contact us with questions via the details in "How To Contact Us."

Who We Are & Our Promise:

White Scribbles Ltd, a multichannel media company, is guided by the mission of empowering individuals to flourish in a barrier-free world. Committed to transparency and privacy, we prioritise safeguarding your information.

Data Usage:

We use your personal information to provide services, enhance user experience, and manage our business. Your data is employed for advertising, but we prioritise anonymity, with no identification by name. Interactive features like comments and forums are facilitated by your information. Communication is personalised, respecting your preferences and serving only the permissions granted. Data helps optimise site presentation, track patterns, and improve user experience.

Enjoy a Safe Experience:

We strive to ensure your privacy while you enjoy our site, employing industry best practices.

Security Measures:

Your information is stored securely, with multiple measures against unauthorised access. While we implement robust security, remember that no system is entirely impenetrable. If you have login details, keeping them confidential is vital, and you are responsible for any activity under your credentials. We retain your data only as long as necessary or required by applicable law.

Your privacy is our priority. Explore our site with confidence, knowing we're dedicated to protecting your information.

Information Collection Overview:

We collect various types of information to enhance user experience, personalise content, and deliver services effectively. The following summarises the information we gather and how it is utilised:

  • Information You Provide: Obtained when you create an account, subscribe, participate in promotions, order products/services, or post comments. Includes personal details like name, email, address, and payment information when necessary.
  • Device Information: Indirectly collected data about your device, including type, operations, unique identifiers, settings, network details, and cookies. Enables tailored experiences based on device interaction.
  • Transaction Information: Details of purchases or financial transactions made on our platforms, excluding payment information. Information forwarded to suppliers responsible for order delivery.
  • Third-Party Sources: Information obtained from companies with your permission, publicly available sources, social media engagement, or cookies placed on your device during visits to third-party sites.
  • Post & Comments on Articles: Content submitted in conversations, comments, emails, or other mediums may be displayed indefinitely in relevant contexts. Caution is advised when sharing personal details in public areas.
  • Social Media Logins: Logging in through third-party platforms (e.g., Facebook) grants permission to share user information. Revoking access to White Scribbles from third-party settings limits data availability.
  • Information About Others: Providing information about someone else requires confirmation of authorisation or appointment. Sharing details of another person requires explicit permission from the individual.

How We Use Your Information:

  • Delivering, Providing, and Managing Services: Communication related to accounts, service updates, and support. Customer service, business management, and records maintenance. Running competitions, obtaining reviews, and conducting market research.
  • Communicating with You: Direct marketing communications via post, telephone, email, or SMS. Newsletters, promotional offers, and product/service updates.
  • Personalisation/Identifying Your Interests: Tailored experiences using data submission, cookies, IP addresses, web beacons, and mobile ad identifiers. Overlaying demographic and lifestyle data for insight and marketing (profiling).
  • Tailored and Targeted Advertising: Contextual and online behavioural advertising using cookies and similar technologies. Protection mechanisms for cookie data when arranging advertisements.
  • Location-Based Services and Advertising: Device location is utilised for personalised experiences and targeted advertising. Permission-based access to device location for advertising purposes.
  • Measurement and Analytics: Use of information to measure the effectiveness and distribution of advertisements and promotions. Improving Services and Products: Monitoring and improving products, content, and services. Statistical, technical, and logistical analysis for strategic development.
  • Message Boards, Blogs, and Public Forums: User-generated content becomes public information. Monitoring and storing communications records for various purposes, including legal compliance. Please refer to our Cookies Policy for further details.

Legal Bases For Processing Your Data:

To comply with data protection laws, we process your personal data only when we have a legal ground to do so. The legal basis is typically one of the following:

  • Performance of Contract: We process your data as part of fulfilling our contractual obligations, such as managing stages when you apply for products and services.
  • Consent: If you've given consent, such as receiving marketing emails, you can withdraw it at any time, and we'll stop processing and delete your data.
  • Legitimate Interests: We process some data in our legitimate interests, like understanding our readers or promoting services, subject to appropriate controls and safeguards.
  • Compliance: We may process your data when legally obligated to do so.

How We Share Your Information:

Sharing with third-party partners:

  • Service Providers/Business Partners: Companies we partner with to fulfil orders and provide services process data under our instructions.
  • Promotions: If you enter promotions with other companies, they use information per their privacy policies.
  • Affiliates: Industry affiliates collect marketing permissions and share data back for campaign effectiveness.
  • Functionality: Information may be shared with suppliers for service provision, and processed according to their privacy policies.
  • Advertisers: We provide advertisers with aggregate statistical data, excluding contact details.
  • OBA Partners: We share cookie information for tailored advertisements on other sites.
  • Marketing Personalisation: Matching data for lifestyle insights to make our marketing more relevant to you.
  • Change of Control: Data transfer may occur due to a sale, merger, or reorganisation, with efforts to ensure compliance.
  • Required by Law: Disclosure may happen in good faith for legal obligations.

Details Of Transfers:

Data collected may be transferred to organisations based outside the EEA, governed by contractual restrictions or technical limitations. Adequate safeguards are ensured, and transfers are made only to countries providing an adequate level of protection.


We may contact you for various reasons, including contractual notifications, thanking you, or notifying you of winnings. If you raise a query or complaint, we may contact you to resolve it.

Your Rights Under The GDPR:

Rights include access, deletion, rectification, revoking consent, objecting to automated profiling, objecting to legitimate interests, and the right to complain. Valid proof of identification is required for requests, processed within one month.

Using Children’s Personal Data:

Our products and services are not aimed at children under 16. If you're under 16, please do not provide information or use our sites.

How Long We Keep Your Personal Data:

We retain data for as long as needed, ranging from days to several years, depending on the purpose. We delete data when no longer needed or upon withdrawal of consent.

Cookies Policy:

We collect information through cookies and tracking technology. Refer to our Cookies Policy for details.

Updates To This Policy:

We reserve the right to make changes, with revised policies becoming effective upon posting.

How To Contact Us:

For queries, concerns, or exercising GDPR rights, contact us at [email protected], with the subject line: Data Protection Officer. Emails will be handled by the Data Protection Officer and responded to within 30 days.


  • Personal Data: Information identifying you.
  • Data Controller: The company decides how personal information is used.