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WIN A COPY! STORIES: from my travels to every country in the world

Minutes after midnight, on December 6th, 2019 Alvaro Rojas became the youngest Spaniard to Visit Every Country in the World. A feat only 200 people in History had achieved before.

This is a compilation of stories and pictures from every single country. From his detention in Afghanistan to almost drowning in Zanzibar or ran over by a car in Congo. Castaway in remote Pacific islands, sneaking into war zones, and navigating some of the most corrupt borders in the World.

An arduous, but fruitful journey inspired by a newspaper headline. “More people have been to Space than visited Every Country in the World.” Having visited 40 countries, he was instantly hooked. A few years later, when the time was right, he leaped and quit his cozy corporate job as a CFO in an Oil and Gas company to pursue his life goal. Why go through all of these crazy adventures? Why spend the money, the time, and risk it all?

Win A Copy Enter Across. (T&Cs apply ends 23:59 30/04/24)