Participation Guidelines & House Rules

Our guidelines are designed to clarify our approach to community interaction at White Scribbles, including the moderation of comments and other content submitted by readers.

We provide opportunities for readers to engage and discuss stories that we publish, and debate issues that we cover. We aim to create an environment where readers feel they can contribute, fostering active involvement. These guidelines work in tandem with our website terms of use, outlined above.

Community Standards: We respect all our users and expect mutual respect among community members. Please ensure comments are legal, tasteful, and civil. Personal attacks, harassment, and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Language Use: Choose your words carefully, avoiding threatening, defamatory, or offensive language. Recognise that words considered acceptable by some may be offensive to others. Personal insults or repeated attacks will not be tolerated. Maintain a respectful tone, especially when discussing heated or controversial issues.

Referencing Information: When referring to reports, studies, or other articles, provide links to the source. This additional context enhances discussions and elicits better feedback from our readers.

Relevance and Responsibility: Help us maintain a high level of conversation by ensuring comments are relevant and on-topic. Take responsibility for the discussion's tone and content.

Prohibited Interactions: Interactions must not:

  • Promote discrimination based on various factors.
  • Harass, threaten, or attack others.
  • Include obscene, vulgar, or offensive content.
  • Promote violence or use threatening or abusive language.
  • Make libellous or defamatory comments.
  • Violate privacy or data protection laws.

Moderation and Enforcement: We moderate all comments according to these guidelines, and content that doesn't breach them may be published. Content breaching guidelines will not be published. In cases of serious or repeated violations, we may take necessary actions, including removing the opportunity to submit content.

Transparency and Communication: We strive for transparency in our moderation process. If a comment is edited or removed, it's in the interest of keeping our community areas appropriate for the majority. We will communicate changes affecting our readers whenever possible.

Positive Reinforcement: Encourage positive engagement, supporting each other, and sharing constructive experiences. Uplift fellow community members.

Inclusive Language: Use language that is inclusive and mindful of diverse perspectives to create an atmosphere welcoming to all.

Reporting Mechanism: If you encounter content violating our guidelines, please use the reporting mechanism. Reports will be taken seriously, and appropriate action will be taken promptly.

Education on Mental Health Topics: Share experiences related to mental health but avoid providing or seeking professional medical advice within the community. Direct others to appropriate resources for mental health support.

Revision Clause: These guidelines may be revised periodically to align with evolving community standards. Users will be notified of significant changes.

We appreciate your commitment to maintaining a positive and respectful community at White Scribbles. Let's create a space where everyone feels valued and supported.

If you have any queries or suggestions about improving participation or any aspect of our guidelines, please contact us via the contact page.

Thank you for being a part of our community!