Interview with Radzi Chinyanganya

'Smash them out of the park; Pizza is the future..'

Smash them out of the park; Pizza is the future. Radzi Chinyanganya, the dynamic British presenter, has not only conquered the screen as the 37th presenter of Blue Peter but has also embraced life's unexpected twists. From dreaming of a Blue Peter badge as a child to the adrenaline-fueled world of skeleton bobsleigh, Radzi's journey is a testament to resilience and the pursuit of passion. Beyond the spotlight, he grapples with celebrating small victories and finds solace in the gym, iron against aggression. Join Radzi as he spills the beans on guilty pleasures, starstruck moments, and the profound pride of becoming a Blue Peter presenter. With goals set high for the Olympics, a podcast in the making, and a children's book on the horizon, Radzi pledges to smash every endeavour with 100% dedication. Here's to the man who believes in the 20% talent, 80% hard work motto, destined to leave his mark in the world of politics and beyond. Keep up with Radzi's journey on Instagram and Twitter – a rollercoaster of passion, determination, and, of course, the unwavering love for Hawaiian pizza.

What were your main influences when you started your career in presenting?

The reason I got into TV was because of Blue Peter. When I was a kid I wanted to have a Blue Peter badge and I wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter. I was presenting at university doing various bits and bobs when I began training to be a winter Olympian in skeleton bobsleigh at which point, after 3 years of trying I realised it wasn't going to happen. Failing in my original dream and then deciding to chase the next, at this moment I figured I’d chased one unicorn and it hadn’t happened, why not try and chase another? I spent a further 3 years working various jobs for free until I got my break in 2013.

Is there anything you struggle with and if so what do you do to combat it?

Lockdown has made me realise this, I struggle with celebrating the small things. Now I do exactly that. I’ll now take a moment to drink these in! Recognising the small things looking at the sky and thinking wow what a beautiful world we live in or even when it's raining outside actually thinking that we are on this special island with unique weather and embracing it.

Is there a fact that no one knows about you?

I have flat feet!

What hobbies or passions outside of your profession do you have?

The gym, I love the gym! 6 days a week, not much in the way of cardio, a lot in the way of weights and making gains. Taking out all the aggressions of life on iron! The gym is what keeps me sane.

Have you ever been starstruck?

Yeah, when I met a politician named Tony Benn. He is the man!

How would your colleagues describe you in a few words?

Silly, determined and late haha!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

One is politics, two is professional wrestling and three is going to spas! Spas are the future you have got to get involved!

Have you done anything unusual which you recommend everyone does at some point in their lives?

Skeleton bobsleigh! You will have adrenaline coming out of your tear ducts, you won’t remember any of it, you will stare death in the face and when you’re finished you’ll either say it’s the worst experience of my life I must never do it again or you’ll say it’s the best experience I need to do it again immediately.

Do you have any words, mottos or quotes which guide your life?

My favourite motto is 20% talent 80% hard work.

What's your Favourite meal?

Main course: Nando’s! Desert: anything with chocolate, it’s all about the Cadbury’s! At my worst, in school, I had five bars a day without fail, standard procedure!

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

The moment I was offered a job as a Blue Peter presenter. It was indefinite, something I could do for years and it all happened after one conversation. To hear those words from my future boss Ewan Vinnicome  'We would like to make you the 37th Blue Peter presenter' which I’d dreamt about for so long to come to fruition meant a culmination of God, hard work, perseverance and support from my family. An incredible and immense sense of pride. I had to keep it a secret from my mum and when I told her, I didn’t think anything could top that.

Do you have any goals or ambitions for the next year?

This year is probably the hardest to have goals and ambitions for! I hope to work at the Olympics in Tokyo and the Invictus Games! Also, I am going to be starting a podcast and my kid's book called 'Moving Like a Lion' is being released in January. For all of those things, I want to smash them out of the park and smash whatever I put my name to, my name is associated exclusively with quality. I want everyone to know that whatever I put my name to I’m going to give 100% and deliver 100%.

Who are your heroes?

Ronny Coleman, Michael Johnson, Maurice Green and possibly Jay-Z!

If you were to leave one lasting impression on the world of yourself what would you choose?

I want to work in politics long term so for me it’s about trying to level the playing field for people who start a few steps behind everyone else.

Where is one place you’ve always wanted to visit?

I would love to do the seven natural wonders of the world, the seven modern wonders of the world and the seven ancient wonders of the world and tick the bucket list box!

If you pushed me right now it would be to go to Mauritius where I’d love to sit on the beach and transport myself from Black Country Wolverhampton to the opposite!

Pineapple on pizza?

First of all, the Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada. Secondly, Hawaiian pizza is the future, pineapple on a pizza is a game changer! If I see pineapple on a pizza it doesn’t matter what mood I’m in it’s a yes! Undoubtedly 100%.

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